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A message from Michael Chukueke:

A complete discussion of my background would include the fact that I have deep knowledge of P&L analysis, budget expenditures, and – more importantly – experience in developing strategic initiatives to solutions for budgetary deviations. These results translate into the metrics that the client can quantify and measure: building value for the business relationship.

I have had revenue responsibilities of up to $420 million and managed a team of associates numbering 3,300, all while managing multiple priorities important to my internal employer. My experience reflects vigorous, aggressive attainment of the goals and objectives of the client and the companies I worked for.

I am an expert at developing teams of people dedicated to strategic plans that support and align with the organization’s needs. I have fostered the training and coaching of such populations with succession planning to enhance their contribution to the client and our companies.

I’m a strong operator in the multi-unit, multi-retail, multi-family context, and I’m able to administer resources and services that optimize the guest experience. Through my experience, I can produce data-specific reports that inform the client of risk assessments and the realization of long- and short-term projections, all in the alignment of the company’s mission and core values. Call me now to discuss investment opportunities in multi-unit real estate developments in the U.S. I’ll respond to you within 48 hours of our initial contact.

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