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Now’s the time to invest in multi-family real estate developments in the U.S., with The Chukueke Group. We work with many locations within your time frame to offer you reliable, trustworthy investment opportunities and dividends. With our deep knowledge of P & L analysis and budget expenditures, your investments will pay off in no time!

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Our owner brings 30 years of experience to completing projects and building value for our clients. Count on us to produce data-specific reports regarding your risks and projections of your returns. Call us now to learn more about the local real estate market and how you can make your investments in it.

Real Estate Experience

Back Bay
279 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
Under ownership : JPEGS LLC
180 Units

Rose Homes
523 E. 2nd Street
South Boston, MA
Under ownership : Banana Stand Holding LLC
12 Units

South End Apartments
792 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118
Under ownership : Historic South End LP
86 Units

Diamond Green Apartments
1000 Diamond Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Under ownership : 1000 Diamond Street LP
160 Units

The Lancaster Apartments
6351-6355 Lancaster Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19151
Under ownership : Larchton 6351 LLC
120 Units

Walnut Terrace
401 W.Walnut Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Under ownership : Wal-lane Assoc LTD
74 Units

The Waterford Apartments
100 Park Blvd
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Under ownership : Waterford Owners Corp LLC
200 Units

Alexander Apartments
1600 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23669
Under ownership : Alexander Apartments LLC
50 Units

Abbey Arms
2010 Abbey Road
Norfolk, VA 23462
Under ownership : Abbey Arms 2010 LLC
98 Units

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